Case Histories

There is an age-old formula that still governs too many communications agencies. Pitch clients with the best of your senior staff. Service them with your junior staff. Cut clippings for every mention of the client, whether it advances the mission or not, and keep churning the client base.

Don’t get us wrong, we love new business. We love new challenges, crafting new messages and serving new industries. The difference is, we love carefully adding, rather than desperately replacing, clients.

It was the way we wanted to do business when the company was founded in 1984 and it has been the cornerstone of its client relationships.

We know our senior staff time is much better spent advancing your mission and promoting your company rather than ours.

Kermish-Geylin Public Relations (KGPR) is filled with creative talent, and the talented people you meet when you hire us are the same people who will service your account and the same people you can reach on the weekend when all Hell, inevitably, breaks loose.

And it is the all-Hell-breaking-loose work, as much as all the creativity we can muster, that has kept the client base at Kermish-Geylin one of the most stable in the industry.

As one of the most mission-focused communications firms there is, we take an adoptive approach. Our work is seamlessly linked to your work. Our goals are identified by your goals.

And our success is easily measured. It’s measured by your success.




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